AMBASSADOR 2012 Wayne BRENNAN, Irish Artist - Singer - Songwriter.

About Wayne,

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Wayne Brennan is an Irish artist on a personal soul-searching journey.  A journey that began at the tender age of eighteen in his hometown in Offaly.

With nothing more than a passport in his pocket and an insatiable desire to travel, Wayne packet his satchel and guitar and headed off into uncharted territory.  With a curious mind and fearless determination, Wayne soon developed an extraordinary ability to find a home wherever his heart tended to dwell.

Adapting himself to new environments, and even acquired multi-lingual skills.

Whether it was living in a Peniche on the river Seine, or busking in the streets and Metros of Paris... Sailing the Mediterranean sea off the golden coast of the Riviera, onwards across the Italian Pontine islands, or playing guitar around a campfire in the vast landscapes of Andalusia in Spain and even surfing the swells off the coast of Hawaii.  Each of these amazing memories became fuel for Wayne’s artistic mind.  And now, what was once a blank canvas, is transformed into a wonderful collage of musical endeavour.  A platform was now set which would enable him to refine his musical ambitions and lay testimony to Mother Nature’s unforeseen beauty.

Wayne’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘In My Hands’ is a perfect introduction into the life and mind of one who lives and breaths music.  He encapsulates an unbridled passion for life with an eclectic array of finely crafted songs.  The evidence can be seen and heard throughout, as the album embodies a delicate infusion of sounds, each style seamlessly embellishing the other.

Wayne Brennan’s enigmatic versatility with an instrument is nothing short of astonishing.  So much so, that RTE’s Pat Kenny ensnared him into performing Live to a National audience on a couple of occasions.  Of course it helps to have a musical background but he is self-educated in the art of instrumentation, song writing and singing, which is profound considering his vast eclectic style. 

Without doubt, Wayne’s travelling experiences have left an indelible impression on his psych, however, he does acknowledge his creative musical influences… from the likes od Hendrix, Knopfler, Marley, Clapton, Paco De Lucia and the Gypsy Kings, to name but a few.

Managing to incorporate a classical vibe, with a hint of flamenco, reggae and rock, lightly garnished with Wayne’s own secret ingredient, we are left with a mouth-watering plethora of style and a sure-fire recipe that will stir your musical senses. 

Wayne’s infectious charisma and unique flare with a guitar has inevitably caught the attention of his peers, and consequently led to him opening for acts like Jack L, Gypsy Kings, Mick Flannery, Brian Kennedy and many others.  Over the past year alone, he has captivated audiences in notable venues like Vicar Street and Cork Opera House.  It’s not surprising then to learn that Wayne will now build on that momentum by showcasting tracks from his album ‘In My Hands’ as he plans to embark on a Nationwide solo tour. 

His Independently released debut single ‘And I Love’ experienced Top 20 chart success becoming a firm favourite with legendry DJ Larry Gogan.  His music videos have amassed over ½ a million hits on Youtube, collectively.  And to top off and exceptional year, after achieving play-list status from regional and national radio, Wayne has signed a deal for film and movie publishing rights to his music and will be featured in an upcoming documentary TV series, shining a spotlight on his life and work. 

Indeed the future looks bright.  But this awe-inspiring debut album, aptly titled ‘In My Hands’ is a sincere portrayed of a man who shapes his own destiny.  And for Wayne, life certainly is, in his hands!


Wayne BRENNAN, Irish SingerSongwriter Living in Fuerteventure, Canarias, Spain

I Have a Dream - Single by Wayne Brennan

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